Amanda's Kitchen

The Fat Loss Bible Program


49$ USD

  • Crystallizing your goals

  • The do’s and don’ts for fat loss

  • Fat loss meal plan (3 options)

  • Diy food diary (to download)

  • Creating your fat loss routine

  • Building healthy habits

  • The power of journaling

  • Dealing with sugar cravings

  • Tips for emotional eating

  • Willpower 101

  • Learning to respect your fullness

  • How to dine out and stay on track

  • Alcohol vs. fat loss (solutions)

  • Travel (how to stay on track)

  • “What if?”, solutions to problematic situations

  • Tip for body positivity

  • Grocery list

  • MY 10 favorite breakfast recipes


112 pages, 21 chapters


*If you would like a custom meal plan due to dietary restrictions, please fill out questionnaire OR book a 1/1 Consult with me!

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