About Me & My Philosophy


Who Am I?


Hi there! 
My name is Amanda Smith, but you may only know me as Amanda’s Kitchen on Instagram. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge on nutrition, health, fitness, wellness & motivation and provide content for likeminded individuals!
I’m a healthy eating / weight loss / eating disorder recovery / healthy lifestyle coach, influencer, content creator, and the food photographer behind Amanda’s Kitchen.
I started sharing my creative recipes and wellness tips in 2015, and through that process Amanda’s kitchen was born. During this time, I developed a deeper love for working with others on their individual goals, coaching, learning about natural foods, balanced living, wellness and fitness!
Before I knew it, Amanda’s Kitchen developed into an Online Health Coaching service. This is now where I assists my clients with creating healthy nutrition & lifestyle patterns, through specialized meal plans and guided one on one counselling. I help people learn to listen to their bodies, stop obsessing over food, lose weight, see things differently and feel better overall.
Losing weight, recovering from an eating disorder and getting into a healthy routine on your own is HARD. This is why I think we all need a little boost, guidance, support and someone to keep you accountable! 
I started to coach and help people around me by providing them with personalized meal plans and later on that turned into a full coaching business.
I want people to get to the point where I am now, a stress free life (well most of the time, lol!) where I practice:
Intuitive eating
Self care
Exercising for benefits
Reaching your physique goals
Body positivity
Overall balance
Positive energy
Having a positive relationship with food


I really do believe that I was put on earth to help people and most importantly in the field of diet and nutrition. I’ve always loved to take care of people and I KNOW it is my duty to pursue that in this field.

I strongly believe that – like all things in life - the key to establishing a positive relationship with food is to obtain a balance of (healthy) indulgence and self-awareness.

Outside my job?  

    • Im simple, don’t love being in crowds, I'm intimate, I like spending time with people one on one and I'm emotionally intelligent.
    • I'm a Libra.
    • I live for my morning coffee.
    • I love improvising on the piano and coming up with my own songs.
    • Self care is an important part of my life! I love taking hot showers, getting massages, getting my nails done, facials, hair, etc!
    • I'm basically always listening to music...unless I'm on the phone with a client.
    • Some of my favourite movies (not in order): The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, The Dark Knight, Blow, Django, Horrible Bosses, Dumb & Dumber, Silver Linings Playbook, Lala Land, The Titanic...
    • I have 3 siblings (Emily, David & Caroline). We're all 1 year apart and best friends. We inspire each other on the daily.
    • I love hiking and being in nature.


1. Balance

You shouldn't deprive yourself of the foods you love in order to look and feel your best. One of the hardest things about trying eating "perfectly healthy" all time are feeling of deprivation. On special occasions such as birthdays, holiday dinners, parties, etc you will be tempted. What I'm saying is that you can have that piece of cake, glass of champagne, or both! You can do this while feeling good about it because you are living by the 80/20 principle. In most cases, indulging from time to time is actually good to sticking to your overall healthy diet. 

 2. Food has Two Purposes. 

Racha Jami, a nutritionist, once told me that food has two purposes. You should always eat to nourish yourself as well as for your own pleasure. You should find foods that share this balance between enjoyment and nourishment. Basically, I love waffles (who doesn't?) so I wouldn’t eat typical waffles that are filled with refined sugars and white flour, I would make nutritious ones sweetened with stevia and use ingredients like flaxseed, coconut flour, almond meal and oats to create the perfect fluffy waffle. 

3. Eat Real Food

It's as simple as that! This means to eat foods that are closest to its original form as possible. Pick up a container of cereal, and look at the ingredients. If you can't pronounce certain words, then don't buy it.  

4. Breakfast, no matter what.

I take my breakfast very seriously...Say good morning to your body by eating a nutritious balanced breakfast. Has your stomach ever growled asking you to eat lunch, even though you just ate breakfast? I hated when my stomach used to grumble during my first class. This shouldn't happen; and it won't if you eat a balanced breakfast. For most people, low calorie/ poor breakfast choices can lead to eating snacks that are high in calories, sugar and fat and, of course cause weight gain. Have a full breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. I love having omelettes, smoothies, oatmeal, protein pancakes and cereal.

5. Listen to your body

Trust the messages it sends you. I really mean to focus on how you feel after eating certain foods. I believe in bio-individuality and that everyone's body is a little different. This means that foods are exercises that make me feel great, might not work for someone else. See what works for you through trail and error; and take your time.

6. Do What Works for You.

Many people struggle to follow a certain diet. Me especially during the 2 years, I've learned a very important lesson: different diets work differently for different people. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" diet. I know what works for me, not for anyone else. And this is true for everyone. The only way that you'll find what works for you is through trial and error by listening to your body. 

7. Lifestyle, not diet.

I believe eating healthy is a lifestyle and shouldn't be looked at as a diet. When it is, it just doesn't last. We all know that “diet” we went on, once, or multiple times. Are you on one right now? If you don't enjoy what you eat, it won't last. 
8. Getting those 8 hours of sleep in (or how much you need to feel your best! We’re all different!)
Ghrelin is the ‘go’ hormone that tells you when to eat, and when you are sleep-deprived, you have more ghrelin,” Then, “Leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating, and when you are sleep deprived, you have less leptin.” So, its pretty self explanatory... When you don't get enough sleep, your body doesn't have a lot of energy. Where do get our energy from? calories.​

9. Being mindful:

I think it is extremely important to be mindful. Pay more attention to what you're eating and drinking. Read food labels, become familiar with lists of ingredients, and start to notice everything your put in your mouth! Stop eating mindlessly, putting food into your mouth and almost doing this unconsciously. Once you become more aware of what you're eating, you'll start to realize how you can improve your diet.​

10. Being realistic & mature about food:

You’ve been good all week, you had a cookie, or two or three. STOP! Enjoy it. It’s not the end of the world. Think about this:
If you were stuck in a snowstorm in the middle of a highway, deserted, and your tire had a flat…would you:
a) take out a pocket knife and bash the other three tires (might as well since one broke down)
b) would you try and come up with a solution, pump it and call someone to help? 
That’s what I thought.
Don’t dig yourself deeper into a “bad situation”