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Food Diary


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The simple act of keeping a food diary can benefit you in many ways! 

WEIGHT LOSS - It will help you reveal unhealthy habits that may be stopping you from losing unwanted fat. 

ORGANIZATION - To stay on top of your nutrition & training during stressful times  (ex. exams, busy work weeks, etc). 

DETECTING FOOD INTOLERANCES - It can be used to help determine if you have any food intolerances/allergies.  When you eat and write down how you feel afterwards (optional) it can help you realize what foods your body reacts to negatively if there is a recurring pattern.

TO STOP EATING ON IMPULSE - Writing down everything that enters your mouth will make you less likely to eat on impulse. You’ll know you have to write it down

PORTION CONTROL -Your food diary is an excellent way to manage the portions of your food to keep you accountable for the size of your meals depending on your goals.

MOTIVATION - To be motivated & excited to track a good day of eating.

BETTER NUTRITION - It will help you be mindful if you are eating enough of each food,allow you to analyze what foods you are not eating enough of, or which ones you’re eating too much.

MEAL PREPPING - To stay on track for tomorrow’s planned day!

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