Treat/cheat meal reassurance/guidance

Treat meals (no need to say “cheat”) can mess with your mood, energy levels & hormones... that’s why bouncing back can feel really tough. Here’s what you should do to GET BACK ON TRACK + FEEL AMAZING the day after OVERINDULGING when trying to lose fat.

1. Forgive yourself, you’re human. Accept the past and move on mentally!

2. Your first meal: If you aren’t hungry for breakfast, then delay it…don’t skip (the hunger will catch up later that night and you will be likely to overeat again). Eat clean foods that are easily digested.

3. Cardio: Fasted/regular. You will feel better physically and mentally. Yeah it’s hard to not be lazy the next day, but remind yourself that it will be worth it. Theres no need to overdo it, just get in a great session and make sure you’re sweaty. You should also take advantage of the extra carbs and energy you have to lift heavy.

4. Water retention from excess carbs-which can make you feel puffy and bloated: Dandelion root tea (natural dietetic-makes you pee more), training with a stomach SWEATBAND (NOT a waist trainer corset that will damage your insides) to get rid of temporary water weight you’re holding in tummy area (Amazon search: Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist band) and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and feel detoxed!

5. Learn and grow from your experience. Ask yourself what triggered the binge/overeating/indulgence to help prevent it from happening again (if it wasn’t controllable). Were you high? Drunk? Too deprived that week? Emotional? Figure it out.

6. Relaxxxxx. Don’t think that all your progress is out the window just because you’re feeling bloated to do water retention/food volume/undigested food in your belly…Get back on track and in 1-3 days you’ll feel like yourself again.
❌❌What you shouldn’t do?❌❌
Weigh yourself
Punish yourself by restricting calories
Overthink and dwell
Feel sorry for yourself
Keep overeating (all or nothing mentality)
Complain to people
Call yourself fat
Be guilty
Plan a cleanse
Skip meals
Revolve your whole day around regret

Remember, how you react to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.