I know smoking (weed/hash) may be a part of your lifestyle. and to set the record straight, I’m not here to talk about quitting or how bad it is bc that’s not where I stand on the issue (LOL).

Instead, I’m here to talk about HOW TO BEAT THE MUNCHIES🤭which can really have a big effect on your physique… the uncontrollable hunger, the cravings, the binges that come with smoking - controlling your eating when high is a huge challenge.
I feel like nobody talks about it, and we should!

OPTION 1: EAT but do it right.
1️⃣If you can’t beat your munchies, make them work for you. You don’t have to NOT eat at all. Cannabis does make food taste better, so why not make yourself a veggie with your fave dip/dressing? You can have it in a big portion - crunchy, fun, and satisfying to eat. It WILL taste good. Make an egg-white omelette with hot sauce; sip on Vitamin zero - if you munch in a smart, low cal way, then the calories will not add up.
2️⃣If smoking is part of your regular routine, then save up for your snacks. Stop telling yourself that once you smoke, you won’t eat anything (when you usually end up eating triple the amount). Have less food during the day if you like eating at night better! Start saving up so that when you get the munchies, it’s appropriate for you to eat later in the day.

1️⃣If you’re smoking alone at home, the kitchen = the danger zone!!!! Remember that. If you want to snack, prepare your snack BEFORE, go upstairs, and stay there!
2️⃣Ask yourself if you’re hungry before smoking, if the answer is no, then thats good. Once you smoke and you get the munchies, remind yourself that before smoking, YOU WEREN’T HUNGRY!!! this will remind you that your body isn’t actually hungry.
3️⃣LIVE AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE/ WORKOUT (DO YOUR CARDIO) if you like to indulge more. Burn enough cals to justify your planned healthy extra snacks.
4️⃣KEEP YOURSELF BUSY! Go for a walk; play video games; have fun - distractions are key.

5️⃣Don’t keep temptations in the house. Chips/chocolate = bad idea . Do your best to keep away from “trigger foods” ....
6️⃣Have a go-to bottle that you use when you’re high. Before you smoke, FILL IT UP with ICE WATER. You’ll appreciate it!
7️⃣Brush your teeth + floss right/before after
8️⃣If you’re out with friends, tell them before that you aren’t having whatever they’re planning  to eat. Remember, be disciplined.
The reality is: the cannabinoid receptors in our brain that are stimulated when we smoke active ghrelin, often referred to as the “hunger hormone”. Ghrelin makes your stomach growl and stimulates appetite - even when you’re full! So, keeping these facts in mind can help remind you that even if you FEEL hungry after smoking, it’s just the body’s natural reaction and not a sign you should start binging! Keep these tricks in mind and you have the recipe for a relaxing, munchie-free high