Simple ways to get back on track when you have a diet / training slip up

On my Instagram story, I asked you all what your biggest struggles were when trying to get back on track with your diet and fitness routine after the holiday season.

This blogpost will entail responses to the most common struggles my followers voiced and will provide proven solutions to overcome them!

It’s never too late to get back on track my loves! 


Enjoy xx



“Finding the time to work out when going back to a full time work schedule”


  • Plan in a convenient & disciplined way. I know it may sound cliché, but we all have the same amount of hours in a day; having “no time” is just a way of not properly prioritizing your time.

  • Pack your gym clothes in a bag the night before and put the bag where you can see it when you wake up. 

  • If you have trouble working out in the morning (it’s not for everyone, but everyone should give it a shot), you need to bring your gym bag to work/school with you. Why? Because after a “long day” you’re going to get home and the last thing you’re going to feel like doing is leaving the house again.

  • Say you do go straight from work/school, get there and have no energy or motivation. It’s time to make things HAPPEN in a way that works for YOU. (Congrats for getting there, btw).

  • I suggest joining a group class if training on your own is not motivating. These classes have fun and upbeat music and people around you pushing themselves (which in turn motivates you). Classes provide group support and specific exercises that you need to follow in order to participate. 

  • Over the last couple of years, group workout classes have gotten popular for a reason! They’re not for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a shot if it means you’re one step closer to finding your rhythm and regimen.


“Getting back in the gym”


  • Take that first step and walk out your front door.

  • Set up a personal training session to get yourself back in the gym (or a training buddy/class). 

    • While it might be pricey, having a one-on-one training session with a fitness instructor can be really motivating. If you like the session, then treat yourself to one every week or two!

  • HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. I know it's a hard routine to get into. The hardest part of working out is getting there in the first place. However, when you will be charged if you miss your session, class, or bail on a friend who is relying on you (NOT COOL!), then you’ll have no choice but to get yourself there.

    • If you’re in a funk and feeling emotional about getting out of the house, read my blog post on How to get out of a funk. 


“Procrastination to start”


  • If you feel like you haven’t had “enough fun” while being off track, give yourself a couple of days of flexibility with your routine. You don’t always need to start “tomorrow”. By setting a date, making a plan for that date (structure is key), and giving yourself enough time before that date to do you, you’ll be set for success. 

  • Plan for these three areas:

  1. NUTRITION: Plan your meals/snacks the night before.

  2. EXERCISE: Schedule it into your day and give it priority.

  3. SELF-CARE: Get your nails done, get a massage, treat yourself to a new bag, take a bath. Do what brings you to your happy place. 


“Thinking that I’m too out of shape to start working out after having stopped exercising for a few weeks”


  • Buy some new gym clothing, wear something that makes you feel confident and go!

  • Start off with plain old cardio to get that heart pumping. You don’t have to go straight to the weight section or start doing a bunch of burpees… Start off slowly and work you way up.

  • Start timing yourself with your runs, note it down, and work to start beating your records.

  • REMEMBER, anyone you see at the gym with a “good body” started somewhere. Once upon a time, they were not at their best either. Yet the gym is a place to get in shape, and you’re avoiding it because you’re out of shape… (ironic, right?).



“Feeling disorganized with my food intake and feeling all over the place“ 


  • AK Food Diary: In order to stay on top of your nutrition & training this year (along with events in your life, deadlines, goals), you need a day planner as well as an AK food diary (total lifesaver)

    • Stay organized: Organization helps you stay on top of your nutrition & training during stressful times (ex. exams, busy work weeks, etc). 

    • Detect food intolerances: A food diary has you write down what you eat and how you feel afterwards (optional), enabling you to realize what foods your body reacts poorly to if there is a recurring pattern in your entries. 

    • Stop eating on impulse: Writing down everything that enters your mouth will make you less likely to eat on impulse. Whatever you can’t or don’t write down, you should not eat! 

    • Portion control: Your food diary is an excellent way to manage portion size depending on your goals. 

    • Find Motivation: Find ways to be motivated and excited to track a good day of eating.

    • Meal prep: It’s key to stay on track for tomorrow’s planned day! 


“Being really on track all day and eating nutritious meals that satisfy me, then after 10pm I blow it, every time“


  • IF: Intermittent fasting — even if it’s for 12-14 hours. After dinner, have a cup of tea and a little sweet treat before you start your fast.

    • It WILL be hard at first, but you will learn to love it. You’ll associate your fast with feeling good, at peace, and rested with no excessive thoughts about food (you WILL get there!)

    • If you practice intermittent fasting and make sure to nourish yourself enough during the day, you won’t feel hungry to snack at night out of boredom. 

    • If you don’t want to label yourself as an “intermittent faster”, simply stop eating after 8:30pm or a time that works best for you.


“Getting rid of cravings”


  • Take control.

  • When you get a craving, tell yourself that it isn’t your body that is craving the food, it is your brain. My best advice to control your mind and thoughts is distracting yourself. 

  • Cravings are not the same thing as hunger.

    • Recognize the difference to best understand your body.

    • Craving: a desire for a specific type of food

    • Hunger: a feeling in your stomach that builds up gradually

  • Don’t buy trigger foods: it will help you stay disciplined.

  • When the cravings hit: 

    • Leave the kitchen.

    • Chew gum, have tea, make an AK hot chocolate

    • Distract yourself: wait it out by going for a walk

    • Make egg whites with coconut oil spray on the pan (sprinkle cinnamon and top with a drizzle of SF maple syrup) 

    • Have a healthy, portioned dessert routine


“Cutting out processed sugar”


 You have two options: go cold turkey OR slowly cut down.

  • Cold turkey: get rid of it all. Clear out the pantry (AND I DON’T MEAN EAT EVERYTHING LOL). If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. 

  • Slowly cut down: by eating less of it, you will crave less of it.

  • Find ways to curb your craving with #AKapproved treats.


“Portion control. It’s very hard to stop eating delicious food and chocolate after the holidays! But I feel guilty if I don’t go back to my routine”


Stay away from packaged food. It’s the best way to stop eating the crap which is addictive AF! The only packed food I eat when I’m on track is a protein bar/nut butter/almond milk/egg whites. LOL.

Avoid from fun granolas, cereals, etc. Once you have that granola, you will want more. It’s made to be addicting. This is especially important when you aren’t completely on track yet, structured and in control.


“Getting bored of the same foods and saying no to chips”


  • Diversity in your diet. You will get bored if you eat the same thing everyday. Make AKapproved waffles, different flavors of overnight oats, and change up your salad dressing. Keep it interesting. If not, you will want the chips.


“Getting into cooking! Meal prep always seems so boring”


Read this blogpost on how I stay organized/meal prep. 


“Finding motivation to start/keep it up!” 


Once you start you will want to keep it up. It is going to be hard at first, but once you realize how good you feel, you will naturally be motivate to continue!


"Boyfriend I live with, not on the same page…”


  • Have a talk with him and tell him your goals. Make him aware so that he understands.

  • Encourage him to join you in eating healthier. Having a partner in this journey not only motivates you and holds you accountable, but makes it fun too!   



“Finding motivation to workout instead of staying in bed”


  • Stop focusing on the calories burned during your workout or how you’ll look.

  • I want you to focus on how you feel before vs. how you feel after. Exercise is well known for burning calories, but what about the rest of its benefits, and its ability to boost your mood, be good for your heart, etc.

  • Once you start working out to feel good, the rest will follow.


“Setting realistic expectations for myself so I don’t get discouraged”


The fact that you’re aware that you need to set realistic expectations for yourself is enough! Most people aren’t this aware. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver (in fact you’ll be happier with yourself) than to over-promise and under-deliver. The latter is what leaves you discouraged. 


“Not knowing how to get back to the weight and mindset I had before the holidays”


  • I have a running list of habits I do when I’m in a really good place.

  • When I have my shit together, my mind, body and soul are aligned.

  • I write down what I'm doing incase I ever get into a funk and don't know what to do or where to start

    • What are you putting in your body? Write down your meals, snacks…

    • How many hours of sleep have you been getting?

    • Who you’ve been hanging around? (Make sure to surround yourself with people who uplift you...not make you feel like shit!)


  • When you’re feeling “off track” you take out that DAMN NOTEBOOK & add in something new everyday.

  • Now you’re left with that (almost) exact same routine you had when you were on track with your life, school, your fitness, state of mind...


“Thinking about the progress that I already could have made had I not gone off track —> feeling I could never achieve that” 


  • Perspective.

  • It was the holiday season and you’re not the only one who took a break.

  • You will make progress and diet breaks are good!

  • Now you’ll be extra ready to get back on it.

  • Look at it like that!

  • You can make the progress now!

  • It is never too late :)


 “The fact that it takes so long to see results” + “the number on the scale is not moving” 


  • Realize you are NOT hopeless. It was the holidays! Everyone indulged. Would you rather have not eaten any of the delicious foods??

  • I think that if you skipped out on your favourite treats you likely would have become very frustrated and even binged until summer from the severe restriction.

  • Be patient. I’m a very impatient person also, trust me.

  • The trick is to not weigh yourself or do progress pictures daily.

  • Once a week in the morning, set a time for a weigh-in and take progress pictures.

  • Stay consistent. Give yourself 3 weeks to see results in those progress pictures by putting in the work NOW.

Be kind to your future self!