Read this if can't decide if you should indulge/treat yourself on your weight loss journey

The guilt & stress that comes after treating yourself actually does more damage than the actual treat ever will!





Have you been craving different foods on your fat loss journey?
Do you never allow yourself to have it? Ever?
Do you ever give in and then overeat?
Feel guilty?
Get stressed?
Plan to “make up for it tomorrow”?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading. You NEED this advice. .
What if you were just able to have that treat and keep moving forward?

What if you didn’t have to binge or overeat on those foods then label yourself “off track” or “ Needing to get back on track”.

Instead of labelling the treat as a cheat, look at it as part of the process! .
In order to sustain results- You need to be able to sustain your eating habits that got you there.
Do you not expect yourself to NEVER have treats ? That’s not realistic.

The thing is, its hard to stop eating and feel in control if you know you wont be able to have that treat again in the nearby future.

Part of learning to eat intuitively and have portioned out foods that supports your physique goals, is knowing that it will be available again to you.

Phantom foods are great sometimes!
When it’s Tuesday night and you want a big bowl of  bolognese pasta with with parmesan, then obviously having the zucchini noodles instead (or mixing it with the pasta) is a good idea so you can enjoy all the toppings on top of your meal. 👍🏼

In reality: I’m not talking about little hacks, I love those hacks!
BUT: If you’ve been craving something specific, do not deny your cravings!

Know that it is OK to indulge and enjoy in MODERATION to keep your results sustainable long term!