A little more about me

How did I start coaching?

What sparked my interest in weight loss? 

Why am I so intrigued in eating disorders? 

Why am I so passionate?

I get asked these questions all the time, yet I never take the time to write about it or think about the exact process. So here it goes...



At the young age of about 8 years old I became fascinated in the common unhealthy American diet.  

I remember seeing someone at a park in Burlington, Vermont eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in a matter of minutes.

From that moment on I became SO curious by the concept of overeating, and even obesity. I was so young, yet I was confused. Where do their appetites come from? Why are they craving ice cream at 11am? Was there something more to it? Isn’t ice cream supposed to be a treat?


The internet gave me me to watch documentaries on obesity which led me to discover other emotional eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa. That last one had me, and I devoted all my energy, research and intrigue to it. What propelled girls to feel the need to be THAT thin? Why would they risk their lives to look a certain way? Don't they get hungry? How do they do it? How could their minds take over their stomachs? (I was about 12 years old)

I'd constantly watch documentaries of girls in recovery homes, family group therapy sessions, and even read inside scoops of Pro Ana groups online. This was NOT to ever get any ideas, but because I was curious about their mindset, how they did it, and WHY.


In my early years of high school, I didn't really understand balance. I knew so much about obesity and anorexia that I never put focus in the middle. I wasn’t on either extreme and I had great habits that I learned at home, so I didn’t need think too much about my overall diet and living a balanced lifestyle.

Fast forward to high school, and I became body conscious (like many other girls) and started eating "healthier" in order to reach my goal of having a flatter stomach (classic). I vented a lot to my younger sister about my "diet" struggles. I'd be happy if I was on track and be MAD or frustrated if I wasn't.

I always wished I had someone to guide me to get the results I wanted (seeing girls in magazines/music videos). I would ALWAYS compare myself to them. I didn't know how to get there. I would always "mess up" and turn it into a weekend "cheat".

I used to have the "all or nothing" mentality which is VERY hard to fix (it’s because of this that I have the goal of helping each of my clients get rid of it). I remember being at a restaurant during my "diet" and being offered chocolate cake. After I declined dessert, I said to my sister and mom: "What's the point of having the cake if you can't eat the whole thing."

My mom and sister looked at me and laughed as they had 3 bites each and were satisfied, telling me "I got it all wrong". But for me, that just seemed boring. When you're too restricted you want it all, even if you're full.


I hated being in the cycle of dieting -> overeating, and back all over again. I hated dieting because I couldn’t eat all the “foodie” foods that I wanted and I hated overeating because I’d feel so full and bloated.


I'm a very impulsive person. I want answers right away. I hate the "unknown", and if I need advice, I will talk to someone close to me because I know the importance of having a support system.

But the problem is, who the hell wants to listen to someone’s diet struggles all the time?! Nobody! Especially when they don't have a weight problem (I was never over or underweight). Even though my younger sister always listened to me and my older sister always told me I had a beautiful body no matter what, I compared myself others.

The problem is, I never wanted to become the best version of myself. I wanted to LOOK like other girls and have THEIR bodies. Little did I know back then, those goals are unattainable, and frankly really depressing because you NEVER get there. Not to mention, you also don't love yourself during the process, because you’re so far away from looking like “your goal”.


Around 2016, I started an instagram page with a different handle (now called @amanaskitchen_ !!) because I was a "foodie", which I no longer really am, to be honest. I eat the same thing, like everyday haha! I just created so much hype around junk food because when you deprive yourself, your mind makes you want it MORE.

After a long time, I realized a few things.

1.  The reason I would have CRAZY cravings and obviously give in, in big portions, is because I restricted myself. As a result, I saw no results!

2. The all or nothing mentality was not getting me anywhere, and it was depressing, AF.

3. I was completely out of touch with my body’s natural hunger/fullness levels. I ate with my mind, not with my stomach.

On instagram I discovered a bunch of "balance" pages and I was really interested in healthy baking and the idea of this "balance".



Now, I'm a coach, with the goal of giving people exactly what I would have wanted and wish I had had when I was younger. I give my clients instant responses, reassurance, motivation, guidance, and comfort. All while keeping their eye on the prize: THEIR REALISTIC GOALS.

Through specialized meal plans and guided one on one coaching, I help people learn to listen to their bodies, stop obsessing over food, lose weight, see things differently and feel better overall.


My goal is to get people past all the phases I went through by intercepting and fixing the problem before it takes a turn for the worse. Losing weight, recovering from an eating disorder and getting into a healthy routine on your own is HARD. That is why I think we all need a little boost, guidance, support, and someone to keep you accountable!


I help clients with...

  • Reaching their physique goals

  • Intuitive eating

  • Eating disorder recovery

  • Binge eating

  • Self care

  • Exercising to feel good

  • Body positivity

  • Building life long healthy habits

  • Overall balance

  • Having a positive relationship with food


I really do believe that I was put on this earth to help people, primarily in the field of diet and nutrition.


Now I have Amanda’s Kitchen to thank for allowing me to practice what I love each and every day.


To my past, current and future clients, I have a duty to pursue this field, and I can’t wait for what’s next!